I am extremely passionate about my art and paint at every opportunity.

I used to consider myself to be a traditional watercolour Artist, until taking up abstract painting using Acrylics in April 2008. 

My Abstracts are defined by the use of Colour, composition and a watercolour like approach with many dribbles and runs appearing in my work.   I have no objection to leaving the white of the canvas to portray mystical subjects.  Apart from the colour combinations my Abstracts are rarely pre-planned to any degree as this allows me to take the work in any direction I desire.

My first art teacher was Geoff Dyer (previous winner of the Archibald prize), and I have studied under world renowned Watercolourist Tony Smibert, and more recently West Australian Artist David Giles.   David has helped me in my pursuit into the Abstract world, but I believe it is Tony’s influence that shows through strongly in my work. John Lovett is another artist whose work and teaching inspires me.   I am a previous member of the David Giles Freedom School of painting, and current member of The Watercolour Society, ACAS & MCAA & Artzplace.

I now enjoy working in both mediums and styles at various times for very different reasons.

I had my first Solo Exhibition in 2008 which was very successful, and have since held joint and solo exhibitions, and exhibit regularly with the WA Watercolour Society, ACAS, MCAA and other venues.   I have exhibited in WA and Tasmania

My Paintings have been sold to buyers from all over Australia, and others have gone to England, USA and Asia, I have also published several books on Blurb.com including teaching watercolour techniques for beginners that can be viewed and/or purchased.

I have won many awards for my Abstracts in both watercolour and acrylic since venturing down this path in 2008.

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